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Steetec Installaties BV

Steetec Installations

Steetec Installatie B.V. provides and installs complete screen installations worldwide since 1984. Thanks to innovate initiatives, the family company has grown trough the years, to one of the leading companies. Reliable, solid, constructive and innovative, those are the key concepts, that made Steetec big.



For all kinds of cultivations, Steetec supplies and installs various types of screen installations, to obtain optimal climate control in greenhouses. By means of customer-oriented communication we are capable to supply a tailor made product that meets the wishes and standards.


Utility construction

Because of the modern architecture, in which there is a growing use of glass,  there raised a demand  for sun blinding in this sector. Architects were charmed by the screen techniques in the horticultural sector. By means of development of existing techniques in the horticultural sector, we have been able to apply these techniques in the utility construction sector.